Historic Ashland Armory

photo by Al Case:   website   

photo by Al Case: website 

Located at  208 Oak St - Ashland OR, 97520, the Historic Ashland Armory is one-of-a-kind venue that dates back to 1912 when it served as training grounds for the United States National Guard.

Come to the Ashland Armory for an exhilarating show, or reserve it for your own event. The Armory helps create an ambiance of class and elegance that only History can provide. 

Centrally located, The Ashland Armory is one block away from the plaza and Ashland's fine selection of restaurants and hotel accommodations. 


208 Oak Street Ashland OR 97520

Armory Office Space Availability List

For information about the Historic Ashland Armory or the office spaces please call Eric Linerud: 541-552-5346