LATA lounge rentals

Host your party in our classy LATA Lounge. Capacity is 49 people, suite number 302 in the Historic Ashland Armory (208 Oak Street, Ashland).

Whether you are an artist (promoter), or a private party, there are three options for Lounge rentals.


Option A (public event)

If you are an artist, or are representing an artist, the LATA Lounge is available for your intimate concert. Live at the Armory will post your event on our social media pages and calendar, but the majority of the promotion is up to you. Artist/promoter keeps the door, and we open our bar to your concert goers. Events are subject to our approval.  

Option B

We open our lounge bar up to your guests, and you pay only for cleaning. Your party guests can buy drinks like in any bar from our bar tenders, and we don’t charge you for the room rental. In this case, a drink purchase minimum of $250 must be met (in addition to the $30 cleaning deposit). If you don’t meet the minimum, the difference is due at the end of the party. Most parties of 25 or more who are drinking easily reach this minimum. This option is for 21 and over parties only.


Option C

You rent the room for $300 for the night. This includes a $30 cleaning fee. In this case, this is a private party with no alcohol sales. Guests of all ages can attend.

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