Become a Sponsor


Live at the Armory (LATA) produces live concerts and events at the Historic Ashland Armory in beautiful Ashland Oregon. People travel from far and wide for Ashland’s art, culture and surrounding natural beauty, and Live at the Armory is at the heart of it all!

You have the opportunity to become a Sponsor of all of the events and culture that LATA provides for the region. Your brand will be seen as a dedicated sponsor of the arts while increasing its recognition across the Rogue Valley and beyond. Become a sponsor of LATA and your business will be exposed to a wide audience, “piggybacking” on the fame and recognition of our national and internationally renowned touring artists.


Please contact us if you would like to become a prominent sponsor of the arts in your community. See our sponsorship options below.



We place ads in local papers every month, such as the Medford Mail Tribune, Ashland Daily Tidings, Rogue Valley Messenger and  Sneak Preview, which are distributed around the Rogue Valley. As a Sponsor, your logo will be placed in our ads that are printed in the local papers.



Live at the Armory (LATA) distributes posters in storefront windows, bulletin boards and kiosks throughout the Rogue Valley for each show. We hit all the major areas in the region: Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford, Jacksonville, Williams, and more. That means hundreds of posters spread around the Valley with your logo on them every month.


Live at the Armory (LATA) distributes handbills on store counters, at events, in public places, on First Fridays in Ashland and at the Armory at prior LATA events. That means thousands of handbills are spread around the Rogue Valley with your logo on them every month.


Every person who comes to a concert or event at the Armory, must purchase a ticket online or at a local ticket outlet. Your Name and/or Logo will be placed on every printed ticket, with thousands of impressions per month.



Your Name and/or Logo appears on every wristband placed on the wrist of every show attendee. These wristbands are the First impression that your company receives as each person enters the event, and it is the Last impression delivered as each person cuts-off the wristband in their home after the show! A very valuable, yet simple medium, to put your name in association once again with great and memorable events.




We purchase from 2,000 to $4,000 worth of radio ads a month on local stations (KISS, KOOL, KRWQ, KZZE, & KSMF, JPR and more). Commercials are played multiple times per day, starting two weeks before a show, with each station having about 30,000 unique listeners. This gives your brand a great reach and frequency of exposure in the Southern Oregon market.  



LATA uses local television for  advertising of concerts and other events where this medium is most suitable. Broadcast stations include KOBI, KDRV and KTVL.



LATA engages the public, artists, and their fan bases through the most popular social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Sponsors receive mentions on each platform. Our Facebook page has nearly 5,000 followers.


Our newsletter that features upcoming events, videos and other entertaining content. As a Sponsor, the newsletter will be “brought to you by” your company. We have over 3,000 local subscribers and and growing.


As a Sponsor, your logo will be prominently featured the LATA website. The LATA website is updated daily to reflect the up-to-date schedule of events, artist bios, links and music. Visit the LATA website at  (Major Sponsors are displayed on every page, other Sponsors on select event pages)


Thousands of people funnel through our events every month at the Historic Ashland Armory. As the Major Sponsor your brand will be strategically represented around the venue and during shows.


Every person who comes to the armory for our concert series, as well as private events, enters through the lobby. Our Sponsors will have their company logos placed prominently next to the entrance on a large banner for all to see. People waiting in line and purchasing tickets will be exposed to your brand.


We have two large, 30-foot screens where we project images and videos during shows. Your logo will be projected as a giant image on both screens before each show, during intermission, and after each show. The projected images and videos circulate through at least 20 times during a show, usually more.


The Master of Ceremonies for our concerts and shows will give our thanks to your company, our Major Sponsor, on stage before and after the show: This is a direct communication to thousands of dedicated fans each month. There is nothing quite like a personal “thank you” made at the event on behalf of the promoter for the “generous support” of the sponsor.


Major Sponsors receive 10 complimentary tickets, including 4 VIP passes, to each of our headliner concerts. The ticket number for other Sponsors is determined on a case by case basis.

VIP passes grant you access to our exclusive the VIP Lounge, where you can watch the concert from above with other VIP’s while enjoying our full bar and special attention from our staff.