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Local Showcase: St. Cinder, Critical Roots, Good Job Honey

Critical Roots

Sounds Like: Jack Johnson, Stevie Wonder, Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie, Mother Shrew, Bob Dylan

Label: Indie

Critical Roots was born of friendship. Before any of the members played together they were all living on Critical Roots farm in Gold Hill, OR. What started as a community jam ended up becoming the Critical Roots Band, and it wasn't long before they were playing shows in Ashland and the surrounding areas. Two of the members, Seth Krause and Dylan Works come from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where they met and went to school. The other three members Kevin Di Leo, Leslie Seckleman, and Dashiel McCleary all come from California, bringing their different musical backgrounds with them. 

Playing anything from soulful R&B, to tin-pan alley jazz, to grooving folk, they have a reachable sound made stronger by their meticulous harmonies and Seth's strong lead vocal. Seth writes the majority of the material for the band, with most songs bridging the gap between Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder.


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Saint Cinder

St. Cinder is a new Ashland-based, four-piece band that has experienced overnight success busking on the Ashland Plaza, often drawing large crowds, and performing at open mic nights at Oberon’s Three-Penny Tavern and Lounge South. St. Cinder describes their sound as folk, blues, and ragtime. The band is comprised of Dagan (“The Giant”) Bartholomew on the “hobo drum set”, Charlie (“The Dog”) Tony on guitar and vocals, Colton (“The Fox Paw”) Ort on vocals, harmonica, and percussion, and Jon (“Olive”) Ratliff, multi-instrumentalist.

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