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Groundation with Indubious

Tickets: $25 in Advance / $30 Day of Show
Date: Friday, February 20th
Doors Open: 8:30 PM
Show Starts: 9:00 PM

All Ages Welcome
Full Bar & Food Available

Bursting forth from their underground status, Groundation has taken the music world by storm. Capturing the essence and drive of true roots reggae, the widely renowned band takes the art form to new heights by blending elements of jazz, funk, salsa, soul and transcendental dub in a progressive amalgam of sound all their own. With an international following unparalleled in contemporary Reggae music, Groundation has performed for hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. With headlining shows in nearly thirty countries on six continents, along with memorable appearances at some of the world's largest and most prestigious cross-genre music festivals, Groundation has cemented its reputation as an ambassador of American fusion music.  

Opening Act:

Rising up out out of the fertile soil of Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, the group of Intergalatic Reggae Revolutionaries known as Indubious come to spread high vibes through their earth-shattering sound. Described as an eclectic mix of reggae, dance hall and new roots reggae, visionary lyrical messages and wordplay, 2 and 3 part harmonies, and electro funk fusion jams, Indubious creates a sound destined to change the face of music. Leaving audiences stunned and downright amazed, this genre-bending reggae power trio comes pumping a positive message, and wielding impressive instrumental skill. Their infectious reggae driven sound has exploded both national and international markets, leaving in the wake the makings of a conscious revolution.

The 3 piece band is comprised of bassist and lyricist, Spencer “Skip Wicked” Burton, keyboardist and lyricist, Evan “Evton B” Burton, and drummer/percussionist, Matthew T. Wells. Indubious has built a large and loyal following of fans, affectionately named "Indubians" over the past few years with the positive messages in their music and impactful live shows. Indubious has been described as powerful, epic, and uplifting in not only sound and lyrics, but in pure energy and spirit in which they vibrantly project.
They have adopted the unofficial motto of “Live Indubiously,” meaning living life without doubt and fear and a full respect for all things, good and bad. “Our mission is to reconnect the people of the world with rightful living, rightful speaking through teaching the everlasting blessings of service to humanity, of service to our higher purpose and higher selves. Our gift is music – and through our music we wish to speak the truth in an effort to inspire others to do the same, to change the vibration of our planet and help others express the true loving nature within us all.” 

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