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3rd Annual Exotic Erotic Ball

$25 Advance / $30 Day Of
Available online or at the Music Coop in Ashland
Doors open at 8:30 pm

Love Revolution and Live at the Armory are offering the most exotic and erotic ball ever to hit Southern Oregon! The costume dance party will take place on May 2 to coincide with the ancient holiday of Beltane, a celebration of the return of the Summer season and all of the fertility that it brings.

The exotic bacchanal will take place at Ashland’s best known event venue - the Historic Ashland Armory starting at 8:30pm and continue until late in the evening.

The mythological woodland-themed dance party will feature three hot DJs Ra Ra Avis, Lachlan and Talisman Groovermaker, #CAKE dancers as sexy servants offering refreshments and games, Tantra Temple full bar and live participation activities that push the envelope of eroticism and edginess while maintaining a safe outlet for expressing our innate sensuality.

Costume themes range from mythological forest creatures - faeries, nymphs, satyrs and elves, to kinky leather swathed guests, lingerie fashion, fetish wear or almost anything that makes us feel more sensual with a playful photo booth. 

You can also look forward to a performance ritual celebrating the Rite of Spring - featuring a passionate strip tease dance between the May Queen and Pan.......

Established in 2011, Love Revolution is Ashland's first and only sex-positive business with retail boutique, art gallery, online resource and adult sex ed classroom.

Exotic Erotic Ball Guidelines

What to Wear: Sexy, seductive, and alluring…this is the time to be outrageous! Costume themes range from mythological forest creatures – faeries, nymphs, satyrs and elves, to kinky leather, lingerie and fetish wear that makes you feel confident, sensual, and aroused. It’s time to celebrate your body!

Your attire must cover genitals and women must wear pasties (the law for public events). This only applies if you are a female and decide to be topless. Pasties are available at Love Revolution – also available at the ball.

Photographs: NO Photos except in the designated photo booth. Photos are not allowed anywhere else at the event. We will have professional photographers who will be taking photos of the event and people only with their express permission.

Intoxication: Manage your level of intoxication. This means don’t get too intoxicated in any way, or you will be invited to leave.

Play time: At the Exotic Erotic Ball consensual sensual play is encouraged, but intercourse or other sexual acts are prohibited.

Be respectful with touch: Respect is required for all touch. Be a Yes only to what works for you! This means you can say Yes or No whenever you like. This also means being cool with anyone saying No in response to any invitations you may make. Exercise your right to say “no”.  The point is to create a fun interaction that works for everyone. It is also suggested to make agreements and/or checking in with your lover(s)/partner(s)/date(s) before the event.

Contribute! Our events are co-created pieces of temporary social art. This means that you bring the things you want and need to the events so you feel great! It also means that you can share them with others so they experience how great they are, too. These can be anything from photo booth props, great massage hands, to chocolates, to soft furs, to a great costume, or anything other gifts or ideas for interacting with people, allowing you to connect with them even more easily.

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Rara Avis (DJ)


Known in the music world as Rara Avis (n. latin for Rare Bird), Alex King-Harris is a dedicated master of his craft with over 20 years experience in live performance and music production with a core focus on where the electronic underground, yoga and ecstatic dance movements collide.

He is also CEO and Founder of Yogi Tunes, an world wide online music service that provides top quality DJ driven soundtracks for yoga and other wellness activities.

Rara’s live sets are a mixture of guitar, vocals, and dj techniques that combine pre-produced original studio music with live electronic elements to create a truly original, shamanic, heart felt transmission of music for embodiment.   Styles range across a multitude of genres including Ambient, Downtempo, World groove, African, Middle Eastern, East Indian, Tribal, Funk, House, and Hip Hop. Whether it be in a yoga class, on an ecstatic dance floor or at a festival – Rara’s sounds are guaranteed to take you on a journey of blissful re-entry into the soul.

DJ Goovemaker

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