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It is a community gathering to celebrate our abundance and offer an alternative to the Holiday shopping season.

Sunday December 11, 2016

Doors Open Promptly at 1:00 pm, and the event begins at 1:30pm.  We'll end by 3:00 pm

For more info, please visit:

How to Participate...

Step 1

Find 3 quality items in your home, shop or office that someone would enjoy as a gift... fun, useful, interesting or beautiful items in really good shape that you feelyou can spare .

("Quality" doesn't mean "expensive". It means well-made, worthwhile, likely to be valued. The original price doesn't matter).

Step 2

Bring them to the Historic Ashland Armory. Don't just drop your stuff off. We're doing more than that. Bring the present of your presence. Stick around to visit, tell a story or two about what you brought to the person who wants it, and find some things that you'd like to take away to give as gifts to others (a gift to yourself is ok, too). There won't be any bargaining; you just bring what you're ready to give away and take away whatever you'd like.  

Step 3

Then use the gifts you take home to reduce your new gift purchases.  

Three simple steps, that's it. This will be our own Holiday shopping event, a round of giving and receiving that includes no money and no new demands on resources. For some of us it may also be a stretching exercise - a chance to let go of stuff, or let go of worries that we might not get back "our fair share", or more fully let go of commercially-planted ideas that it's not a real gift if it's not shiny & new from the store.   

We'll have tea and simple treats to eat; bring a tasty sweet finger food to share if you’d like.