The Eco-Summit




FRI: 10am - 6pm

SAT: 10am - 6pm

SUN: 10am -6pm

Come together with local policy makers, activist groups, corporate representatives, grassroots organizations, property owners, small business owners, non profits, educators, farmers and students to examine current local infrastructure and to create a transition map for a thriving and sustainable shared future.

Implementing permaculture and whole-systems design principles on a bioregional scale, the Eco Summit will facilitate an inventory of current challenges, opportunities and resources in the Rogue River Valley. Drawing on collective wisdom and holistic leadership, we will draft viable solutions to economic, social, and ecological issues.

This three day event, held at the Historic Armory in Ashland, Oregon, begins Friday, February 19th, with a luncheon and film screening to celebrate our local diversity and potential. Join us as we begin to map the interconnectivity and opportunity of our unique region.

Saturday, February 20th, and Sunday, February 21st, form the Eco Summit’s citizens' ‘working weekend,’ a two day in-depth planning session, moderated by local experts, to build an effective framework for regional resiliency and prosperity.

Join The Eco Summit, February 19th through 21st, at the Historic Ashland Armory as we plan for the future of our land, our children, and our planet.

To become involved or to learn more, visit .

The Eco Summit is free and open to all.