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SugarBeats and Guests


Doors: 8pm
Ticket: $20 / $25

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The SugarBeats Live Band takes the cross between funk and bass music to the next level. Complete with an arsenal of live instruments and stacks of subs, the live band blends elements of trap, funk, & soul to create a unique & high energy experience. Showcasing their new record "Stereo Midnight", the live band is set to make moves in 2018 on their debut west coast tour. 



BAMBOOZLE has appeared to carry the burning, stinking torch of funk deep into the dark night of your soul. Having given birth to itself in a fit of pain and ecstasy in the year 2016, Bamboozle has quickly rocketed its way to becoming the band you never knew you wanted - but always knew you needed

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Grid Division


nown for combining elements of funk, jazz, and blues with live instrumentation and electronic music production, Grid Division has a unique, well developed sound that’s guaranteed to get you out on the floor, movin’ and groovin’ in a whole new way. ince arriving on the scene two short years ago, Grid Division has been making some of the funkiest tunes in the electronic music scene. You're guaranteed to bust some groovy moves and walk away with a few new tricks up your sleeve after getting down with Grid Division.

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