Ninkasi Proposal

We are thrilled about the prospect of forming a long-term sponsorship relationship with Ninkasi.  We think that Live at the Armory is a great match for the Ninkasi brand, and that Ninkasi will benefit from an association with a thriving, up-and-coming venue and all of the art and culture that we provide.

We have two very unique opportunities for you. One is the venue sponsorship, outlined below. The second is an exciting multimedia / social marketing campaign that we that we will present in another proposal.  

Live at the Armory has a fantastic lineup booked for the rest of 2014! Here is our sizzle reel and some of the highlights from our calendar below:

We would love for Ninkasi to be our fourth quarter 2014 Title Beer Sponsor. Because we want to form a long-term relationship with you, we are offering the 2014 beer sponsorship for only $5,000 as a test run. As part of the deal, at the end of 2014, Ninkasi will have first right of refusal for the 2015 Venue Title Beer Sponsorship.


Sponsorship acknowledgements at the Live at the Armory venue and marketing channels:

  • Logo on display at all times on the Sponsor Wall, located just inside the Great Hall entrance, for the duration of the sponsorship.

  • Projected logo on two 30 foot screens, located on either side of the main stage during all of our public events.

  • Logo promotion using sponsor collateral materials (flyers, coasters, cups) in the Green Room.

  • Shout out from main stage, approximately 3x per event.

  • Logo inclusion on all handbills, posters and print material produced by LATA, distributed throughout the Rogue Valley.

Other Benefits: Free tickets to LATA events, 4 per event. Total tickets to be determined.


A new production company called Live at the Armory (LATA) has taken over management of the Great Hall at the Historic Ashland Armory. The LATA team has been busy developing an innovative and exciting concert and events series that will run year-round.

By tapping into the West Coast touring circuit and hosting a great deal more world-class musicians and performers, Live at the Armory’s is establishing the Historic Ashland Armory as a premier West Coast venue on par with other comparably sized venues like Portland’s Crystal Ballroom and San Francisco’s The Fillmore.

The Company’s business and marketing strategy is designed to reach a wide-range of residents of the Rogue Valley, as well as visitors who come for one of the many attractions of the region. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival alone sells about 400,000 tickets a year, and the Ashland Independent Film Festival another 100,000. Live at the Armory produces events that synergistically complement these well-established institutions and provides visitors with a greater spectrum of entertainment options.

LATA is developing collaborative partnerships organizations like these, along with local businesses, in order to create mutually beneficial and supportive relationships. The idea is to network, co-support and co-promote.

Live at the Armory is also a media production company. It has turned the Great Hall into a state-of-the-art production studio with multi-camera capture and live streaming capabilities. Concerts, talk shows, summits, presentations, parties, or any type of event can now be streamed live to the world and/or recorded and turned into valuable media assets.

As Live at the Armory captures the abundance of concert and event content that runs through the venue, it is developing its own media network that will feature an plethora of music, performances, shows, and innovative events. This content will live online and will reach well beyond the boundaries of Rogue Valley to national and international audiences.

The company also provides professional event production services to support private rentals, which includes a full bar, catering, event theme development, photography, live-streaming and video packages, and general event planning and talent booking. The company’s objective is to provide everything in-house that one might need to produce successful events.

The Historic Ashland Armory has served as an important and iconic cultural center for Ashland and the Valley for a long time. We are committed to maximizing the potential of this amazing venue and delivering the highest quality event production experience. We believe that our booking strategy will ensure that the Live at the Armory concert and event series and the Historic Ashland Armory will become nationally recognized as a beacon of sophisticated culture, one that also positively contributes to our community in countless ways.
— Jason Gallagher, co-founder