LATA Video Overview

LATA offers an array of video products and services to all artists who perform in the Great Hall. We provide flexible payment options, tailored to the nature of your event.  

Video Product options

Live Switched Capture: Entire Show + Raw Footage  

  • A multi-camera capture of the entire show (see example below), including handheld shots, stationary and robocam from the balcony. If an artist prefers a video of a single song or act, that is also available. Prices for the Live Switched Capture with multi-track audio start at $1500 for entire show and $500 for a single song. This price also includes raw footage from each camera if you wish to have it edited and mixed later. 


Fully Produced and Edited Video with Audio: Entire Show

  • We use the raw footage from each camera and mix/edit it into a carefully crafted video of your entire concert or event. Our editors sync the audio recording with the video and add the credits as specified by the artist. Price determined after consultation.

Fully Produced and Edited: Single Songs or Acts

  • We use the raw footage and mix/edit it into a carefully crafted video of select songs or acts, syncing the Protools audio recording and adding the credits specified by the artist. Price determined after consultation.

Live Streaming 

  • Stream your live event on the internet in real time. This is a great way to open your event up to anyone with internet. 

Pay Per View

  • Have your event recorded, and then sell access to it online. You can sell the video of your event indefinitely on the internet. Price or financial agreement determined after consultation. Normally, we simply take a percentage of the profits on a per sale basis. 

Creative Interest piece 

Our director, Vanessa Hopkins, personally films your event and edit it into a creative interest piece, everything from music video to documentary, or something in between. These are great for social media and promotion.  Priced determined upon consultation. See below for an example.


Interactive Conferences

We can host interactive conferences, making it possible for the Artists to interact with their fan bases online, fielding questions and having conversations via Skype or or text. Price determine upon consultation.

VIDEO Payment options

We provide flexible payment options for your video, working with your specific needs and circumstances. Often, we are able to provide performers with their live switched video for little to no upfront costs. For example, if it's a concert, we can reduce the upfront costs by building them into the door deal. Simply contact us, and we will work something out.


  • LATA often requires $500 down payment for the multi-camera video and audio capture of the concert upon signing of the contract, depending on the event. The $500 gets you a four camera capture with three camera operators and one live switch operator during the event which can be projected on the screens during the performance.  (Some or all of this down payment may be waived by LATA on certain occasions.)

  • The remaining amount can be covered by the door split, if there is one. If the door split does not cover the cost of the video and there is a balance owed to LATA at the end of the show, the co-producer must pay the balance before receiving the video. The balance can be paid by performer at his or her convenience. Note: The multi camera switch dramatically enhances the visual impact during the live show by allowing for real-time projections of the live-switched stream onto the two 30’ x 20 ft screens located to the left and right of the stage.