Co-Productions at the Armory

Live at the Armory (LATA) is happy to announce that we are opening up the venue for co-production arrangements with other producers, promoters and performers. (A co-production event is a for profit event that is open to the general public.)

With a capacity of 747 people and plenty of historical charm, the Armory is ideal for hosting live bands, theatrical performances, parties, presentations, conferences, festivals and events of any type.

Our co-production approach accomplishes three important things:

  1. It allows for LATA to reduce some of the risk associated with acts that don’t have proving drawing power in this region.

  2. It makes the venue and our professional production infrastructure accessible to acts who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

  3. It allows bands or presenters to get a professional multi-camera video capture of a live event for little or no upfront cost.

Please see your options below. We look forward to producing a successful event with you!


You cover all of the production costs upfront. This includes the $1500 rental fee, the required LATA production services, and any additional services that LATA provides. In this case, you take on all of the risk, but you also keep all of the profits generated from the ticket sales.


As the Co-Producer you are obligated to cover all of the costs of production, but LATA allows you to defer a percentage of the upfront costs to a door deal. Once the doors open, 100% of the door revenue goes to LATA until the split point is reached (the split point is the point when all of the agreed upon production costs are covered). After the split point is met, 100% of the door goes to you. If the event is well attended, then the you have the opportunity to make profits off of ticket sales with less money up front. If the door revenue does not cover LATA production costs, then the balance will be due within a week of the show (unless LATA agrees to a different time frame).


In this case, LATA chooses to partner with you, you split the up-front costs and all of door revenues 50/50 with LATA from dollar one.

Video Options

We provide flexible payment options for video recordings of your event. If you are interested in obtaining a professionally recorded video, please see Video Production page.


  • No matter which option is chosen, LATA covers the alcohol permitting and staffing costs and logistics.

  • For all public events LATA requires some of its basic event production services be used and paid for by performer to ensure consistency of event experience and quality control at the Armory. These services are: online ticketing, door and wristbands, security, and cleaning. These costs can be partially or completely built into the door deal, depending on the specific agreement. 

  • LATA offers other event production services. These services are: poster design, promotion, street team, sound engineer, video, booking complementary talent, decor etc. If additional services are chosen by co-producer, all or some of the costs will be due upon the signing of the contract, or built into the door deal, depending on the specific agreement.

  • As part of our branding, we strive to produce a consistent experience at our venue. During concerts, we film the shows as they occur (live switching between several cameras) and project the performances in real time to two large screens on either side of the stage. This fills the venue and enables everyone to watch the performance from all parts of the Great Hall and the VIP Lounge. This live switch video is also recorded and is available for purchase after the event. We never use any recorded video publicly without your consent.


lata production services

Required Services

Door & Wristbands
Online Ticketing 
Cleaning Fee

Marketing Services

Street Team
Press Release Writing and Submission
Promo Video
Print Ad Creation
Radio Spot Development

Other Services

Front of House Audio Engineer 
Light and Projection Tech
Monitor Engineer
Production Manager
Event Coordinator
Graphic Design Services ( Price Determined after Consultation)
Advertisement Coordination Services (Price TBD)