Oregon Small Businesses Get a Boost

Community is at the heart of everything we do here at LATA. We provide jobs, a diversity of event offerings, and an accessible space for community activities. We strive to support a strong, local economy, as well as the local innovators and entrepreneurs who work ceaselessly to add value and uplift our region. This is why it made perfect sense for us to go to the “Launch Oregon Investors Party” at the Bohemian Club in Medford yesterday evening.

The event was about the new rules regarding securities and crowd funding in Oregon, and we wanted to learn all about it. The new Community Public Offering (CPO) rules make it possible, for the first time, for any Oregonian to invest in small, local businesses. There is so much exciting entrepreneurial activity happening in Oregon, and we are excited to see that steps are being taken to support local innovation!

9 Small Business Owners Leading the Way

9 Small Business Owners Leading the Way

Last night there were 9 Oregon companies with booths set up around the room (some of them from Rogue Valley), each open to public investment under the new rules. From organic and delicious ice cream (Red Wagon Creamery), amazing handcrafted beer (Agrarian Ales), Wylie's Honey Sodas (tasty!), TonTon's Artisan Affections, to farm visitation programs (North Fork 53), and more, we were happy to see these great small businesses representing!

Check out the 9 businesses testing the new rules.

Hatch, an "innovation incubator", is the organization leading the way. We have no affiliation with them; we just think what they are up to is super cool. Check out their website. http://www.hatchthefuture.org